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Salvador Abreu

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Session II | Practical Session and Recent Innovations

University of Évora


He is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Evora (Portugal), founder and head of the Laboratory of Informatics, Systems and Parallelism (LISP) which later merged into the NOVA Laboratory for Informatics and Computer Science (NOVA LINCS), and external member at the CRI research laboratory of the University of Paris-1 (Panthéon Sorbonne). He was a JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Long Term invitation fellow, hosted at the University of Tokyo in 2015. He held several leadership positions at U. of Evora, among which those of deputy dean for information infrastructure, director of computing services, head of the Computer Science Department and director of the Exact Sciences Departmental Area. He coordinated the BSc. program in Computer Science at U. Evora. Currently he is president of the Scientific Council of the School of Science and Technology and directs the PhD program in Computer Science. He holds a Habilitation in CS, from U. Evora (2009), a PhD. in Artificial Intelligence from U. NOVA of Lisbon (1994) as well as a B.Eng in Informatics Engineering, also from U. NOVA of Lisbon (1988). He is an active member of ACM SIGPLAN and SIGARCH, the IEEE Computer Society, the Association for Logic Programming (ALP) and the Portuguese Artificial Intelligence Society (APPIA.). His interests include Declarative methods for high-performance computing, ranging from Logic Programming to large-scale parallel constraint-based local search and metaheuristics.


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Métodos de decisão em gestão de ecossistemas florestais:
uma aproximação bioeconómica para a sustentabilidade
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